D6 Provisions offers the highest quality, hand raised, grass fed meats so that your friends and family can dine like ours do…richly. Some say farm-to-table, we say Farm-to-Your-Table. Our meat comes from animals that are lovingly grown our way and cut to your preference at just the right time.

Not your average butcher shop

Our family built this shop from the ground up with the vision of providing quality meat products fresh from our family’s farm to you. We have eliminated the middle-man and ambiguity in the meat market industry. We believe small farms can feed the world when communities connect with their farmers; and we want to connect with you, our neighbors. Our butchers can offer education on cuts of meat and nutrition, eating the whole animal, cooking techniques, and recipes.


D6 is the product of a problem. Kayser Farm was raising animals but local meat processors were filling up faster than we could make appointments. We needed an outlet for completing our farm’s journey of field-to-fork meats. We desired to offer our children a future of sustainable farming and maintaining our simple and rewarding lifestyle full of hard work and sunshine. We saw the difference between conventionally raised meat and our meat; and knew we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. Now that we are able to keep the entire operation “in house”, we can offer more cuts and variety to you.


And so are our pigs, sheep, chickens, and bees. We are an animal centered farm and seek to provide the healthiest and most natural environment for each species. All our creatures enjoy life in pastures and wooded areas full of fresh air and sunshine. Any food for the animals that is not from the ground they tread is from local sources. Hay is from a field in Lincolnton. Brewer’s grain is from Royal Bliss in Denver. Feed supplements come from a mill in Statesville. We raise hormone and antibiotic free animals and recycle their waste as fertilizer for the fields. We interact with and talk to our animals daily which provides a connection with and a knowledge of each animal. And yes, we do name our animals with full awareness that they are being raised for consumption.